Week 3 UX – No to NoUI

The theme of this weeks UI activities is UI design with purpose.

The thrills just keep coming – tasked with reading the article “No to NoUI” (and trust me, that was a task!) we are asked to discuss our thoughts on said article.

To be honest, I think the indignation of the author can only be truly comprehended by another UX professional.  To me, the idea of seamless interfaces and invisible interaction is not so offensive.

An interesting quote from the article:

But by calling for UI to disappear altogether so that things can be more efficient, we remain in the same utilitarian and rational mindset that produces inert technological visions like this, rather than seeing interfaces as part of the cultural landscape.

I kind of like the video referenced in that quote – but I’m no UI expert so I probably like it because it’s like a sic-fi movie.

The big question I need to address is this:

Can both meet the goal of great experience when properly balanced?

Who knows? Is ‘Yes’ the right answer? I’m sure there are people out there doing this very thing.  In my search of the interwebs, looking for this very thing I came across this gem (I am easily distracted, but it is on topic so I don’t feel bad). On the Boing Boing website, Corey Doctorow responds to the very article we have just been reviewing.  It appears he supports the anti-invisible UI cause.  The best part of the blog is the responses.  First quote:

Marko Raos
I like big buttons. And knobs. Twisty mechanical ones. Ideally a bit gritty.  I was sold on Edius NLE when I saw a big fat blue 0,0,255 border around preview screen – so I know where all my pixels begin and end. Invisible borders, low contrast selections and ID’s general “we pretend we’re not here but actually…” slyness bordering with hypocrisy has become odious to me. I yearn for the return to the good old Amiga Noisetracker UI design days… The times when you felt like a Creator when you sat down in front of your monitor.

I thought for sure he was going to start singing “I like big buttons and I cannot lie” (I would have).  Now I have that song in my head.  The true genius of these responses comes here:


loitered in here hoping for a definition of “seamful”.  y’know, “my god, it’s full of seams!”, said my uncle Tony the Tailor

Marko Raos

Opposite to seamless, like new google interfaces where you strain your eyes to see spidery thin ultra-low contrast dividing lines between various page elements. As cool as migraine.

On the other hand, this is “seamful”http://youtu.be/6q_8VhUW6sk


ok… i’m learning [chin in hand] so among interfaces one dislikes seamlessness and instead one’s seams ought to seemingly be highly protuberant (if not tumescent) -check-

CLICK THE YOUTUBE LINK!!! Highly visible UI in all its glory – Marko Raos is my new hero!


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